Monday - Saturday 10AM - 8PM
Sundays 12PM - 6PM

Desoto Bend Wildlife Area

Trail Information


  • The trailhead is located 4 miles east of the Missouri River east of Blair, NE on  Hwy 30. 
  • You go to the Wilson Island entrance marked "State Park Recreation Area."
  • Then, turn right and follow for 5 miles.
  • At the end of the 5 miles, you will come to a T-intersection where you take a right and follow for a mile until you get to the Wilson Island Entrance. 

Length:  8 miles of flat trails


This is truly a great ride because it incorporates a bit of history along with some great wildlife.  Desoto Bend is an oxbow lake and used to be part of the Missouri River long ago.  Families can go out there and spend the day walking, viewing exhibits, looking for wildlife, or other things.  It's not uncommon to see deer, water fowl, or even bald eagles.

Aerial Map: