Local Mountain Bike Trails

We have a number of high quality trails around Omaha and Lincoln available to ride on! Most of the trails run through the organization T.H.O.R (Trails Have Our Respect) and there are new improvements happening throughout the year. Follow the link above to check out what Omaha and Lincoln have to offer!

Paved Trails

We also have paved trails around our shop and throughout Omaha. Some of the more notable ones are:

- Zorinsky Lake

- Chalco Hills

- Big Papio Trail

- Keystone Trail

- Walnut Creek


There are three main trails that were originally railroads that were converted to trails. The Wabash Trace runs from Council Bluffs to Shenandoah, the MoPac runs from Omaha to Lincoln, and Steamboat Trace runs from Nebraska City to Brownville. These trails are fairly flat and are a ton of fun to ride on!

- Wabash Trace Nature Trail

- MoPac Trail

- Steamboat Trace